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This past month has been an incredible period for techno, we’re talking maniacal, genre-melting, and exhilarating sounds.

Something I’ve come to realize recently is that modern producers are starting to branch out and become more open to combining vast, varied elements from different time periods, tempos, and styles (electro, techno, club, bass, etc.), making the use of genres increasingly obsolete. Sooo that’s kind of the theme I went with for this month’s playlist.

This month’s playlist art, done by yours truly (shameless plug #1), features everyone’s favorite German techno maestro, Boys Noize, not only because I got to open for him at Brooklyn’s Mixmag Lab earlier this month (shameless plug #2), but more so because he just released his fourth studio album, Mayday – a tangible and genuine reflection of the aforementioned ingenuity of this generation’s musical talent.

Today, I give you 32 tracks and mixes (in no particular order) that I hope will give you a proper taste of the current state of the techno realm. Enjoy!



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