01. REX THE DOG ⋙ sicko [kompakt]
02. GLASS FIGURE ⋙ solid state [zone]
03. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING ⋙ distant past (alex metric remix) [sony uk]
04. STRIP STEVE ⋙ motions of life [boysnoize]
05. PILO ⋙ projectile [boysnoize]
06. ZOMBIE NATION ⋙ fishtank (turbo turbo remix) [ukw]
07. TURBO TURBO ⋙ jack your house (kaptain cadillac remix) [gnd]
08. JENSEN INTERCEPTOR ⋙ relax or get murked [bnr trax]
09. LEMONICK ⋙ wake [clubwerks]
10. BOYS NOIZE + HOUSEMEISTER ⋙ 1988 [boysnoize]
12. PINION ⋙ grid (deapmash remix) [perc trax]
13. AGORIA ⋙ speechless (gesaffelstein remix)[agoria music]
14. DJEDJOTRONIC ⋙ clamz [boysnoize]

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